ROL-X Steel Chain Link Bracelet

Color: Yellow Gold


Adorn your wrists with our eye catching, ultra high shine chain link bracelet. Pairs perfectly with a dress and heels or with your everyday basics. Latches as a watch then settles perfectly and very softly on the wrist allowing for all day wear. 14K gold and Rhodium finish. Our steel is PVC plated for years of wear without tarnish.



Designer's Notes

  • Features:

    Ultra High Shine + 14K Gold + Rhodium Finish + Hypoallergenic + Waterproof + Light Weight

  • Fit:

    Latches As A Watch
    Flexes With You
    Lays Perfectly Flat Against Wrist

  • Materials:

    PVC Plated Steel + 14K Gold

  • Care:

    Wipe With Jewelry Cleaning Cloth Provided